Zebra MC3190, WLAN, 1D, Display, 28Keys, WIN CE 6.0 Prof (MC3190-RL2H04E0A)

Originating from the successful MC3000 series, the Zebra MC3190 comes along. The sturdy hard plastic cover and the extra-large keys make the mobile scanner perfect for the demanding conditions in the warehouse or in logistics. Operation with gloves is therefore no problem and supports the operation in the workflow. The operating system of the Zebra MC3190 is the extremely reliable Windows CE 6.0 Pro. Especially for companies that have designed their system on Windows, the device comes into question, among other things because Windows is slowly disappearing from the market. The devices we offer have been checked by our experienced technicians and are ready for use. All devices show various degrees of signs of use, but all are in good condition. Cables for charging the devices are included.


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Bluetooth:Bluetooth 0
IP Certification:IP54
Processor:1 Core processor 0.62 GHz
Display:320 x 320 px
Flash:1 GB
RAM:256 GB
Windows:(CE) Windows CE 6.0 Pro
Weight:424 g
Battery:2400 mAh
Dimension:190,4 mm x 82,6 mm x 45,2 mm

Zubehör zum Zebra MC3190

Zebra MC3190 Lade- und Übertragungsstation (CRD3000-101RES)
Zebra MC3190 Lade- und Übertragungsstation (CRD3000-101RES)Brutto: 58,31 € Netto: 49,00 €

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Zebra MC3190, WLAN, 1D, Display, 28Keys, WIN CE 6.0 Prof (MC3190-RL2H04E0A)
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Zebra MC3190, WLAN, 1D, Display, 28Keys (MC3190-SL2H04E0A)
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